Stucco repairs require a full understanding of the nuances of just how stucco reacts under certain conditions. Whether it is a window patch or a stucco crack, the right approach is paramount in achieving a seamless and successful stucco repair. Stucco failure is usually the result of water penetration in the structure of a building. This infiltration can occur through the roof, window, and door openings or even via excessive ground water, with water penetrating through or splashing up from the foundation. Stucco repairs incorrectly carried out can and often will cause additional problems going forward.

Stucco cracks that permit the access of water almost always lead to stucco failure. Knowing how to repair stucco compromised to such an extent can mean the difference between an entirely new stucco finish and 5-10 years of life with your existing stucco siding. It pays to have the right stucco contractor perform your stucco repairs. The costs savings alone can be immense! Like any problem in construction or even life itself, one must first identify  the source. 

The cause of the failure must be identified first, before any necessary stucco repairs are planned. Before beginning any stucco repairs, a full evaluation should be carried out to determine the actual extent of the stucco damage. How much of the surrounding stucco needs to be removed in advance; the condition of the lath, the framing, the waterproof barrier, these are just a few problem areas that need assessing before any stucco repairs are carried out.

FIVE STAR STUCCO has a dedicated unit assigned to stucco repair ONLY. These specialist individuals know how to repair stucco from ANY source or situation. It is our firm belief that if we can provide an outstanding stucco repair service, the chances that we will be back to install an brand new application when the time calls for it!

In the mean time, for a brief synopsis of stucco issues and remedies, please see our stucco repair guide below. If you still need further assistance or explanation however, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert technicians.
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Stone and Stucco Installation and Repair

FIVE STAR STUCCO repair  has performed stone and stucco installation throughout the Kansas City metro area, on new and old homes, multi-family dwellings, and commercial projects. Our team also specializes in identifying and repairing potential issues with stucco and stone siding, protecting your home from wood rot and other problems.
Selecting the Right Stucco or Stone Finish for Your Home

Thanks to recent innovations in stucco product and cultured stone siding, Kansas Citians have more options than ever for the look and style of their home. And as many homeowners in the Midwest have discovered, stucco and stone finishes are also extremely durable and long-lasting.
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